Positive change not status quo.


We are Bloom. We’re a creative agency with offices in both London & Dublin, specialising in advertising, design and digital communications.
We specialise in achieving positive change not maintaining the status quo.
This means that we really know how to develop campaigns that help businesses and brands launch, grow and win market share. Or help old brands re-launch or change public behavior.
We don’t defend or help maintain the status quo. Not our bag.
We’ve spent the last 14 years effecting positive change. Check out some of the results.


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To help our clients achieve outstanding results we live by four simple principles:



Outwit, not outspend. It’s not all about big budgets.


Ideas First

Ideas transform business – in the right place, to the right people, at the right time.



If you don’t get noticed, who cares?


Be Brave

Nobody gets anywhere without taking risks. Playing it safe is playing to lose.