We Grow Brands

New, small, big or tall. No matter what size your brand is, we help grow them all.
Growth is our thing. We don’t do defence. It’s not our bag. (Although often growth is the best form of defence).
We’ve been growing brands for the past 19 years. We’ve challenged the market by introducing newcomers, repositioning contenders and breathing new life into the tired and old.
We’ve raised awareness, increased likes, boosted sales, and grown market share and business. We can do this for your brand.
Welcome to the first step of your growth.

One guiding principle:



A scribe busy crafting a radio commercial sitting beside a designer who is designing a scarf for an airline stewardess?
It’s how we have helped our client’s brands grow. We have helped Brady Family Ham take on iconic Irish food brands.
We have helped CityJet re-establish itself in the market place. And we have helped the Labour Party defy the opinion polls.
We like working with brands that like taking on the big boys, brands just like Bloom.