We have been working closely with COSC – The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence – for the last 6 months culminating in the launch of a national radio & outdoor campaign.

For the outdoor campaign we wanted, to create arresting images that draw the viewer in but not at the expense of sensationalising the issue. Similarly with the radio campaign. we wanted to challenge the listener without over-dramatising the situation. We also built a new website providing, the general public with a one stop informational resource. Here’s hoping the campaign works and has a positive impact on the issue.

Here’s the radio creative.

And here’s the outdoor.

Update – COSC 16th February

We have the iReach post campaign research results from a campaign we ran in January for COSC. Given that this was a short outdoor and radio campaign run on a limited budget, we are delighted with the results. The headline figures are;

  • Almost 50% recalled a recent Domestic Violence campaign
  • 31% recalled the Cosc campaign specifically
  • Of those who saw the campaign, almost 60% said they felt more aware of DV
  • 75% felt more motivated to take action
  • Awareness of Cosc has increased by two thirds to 20% of the population

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