When developing the launch campaign for Jacob Friutfield’s TUC Craks, the biggest challenge was to communicate to consumers just what this new product was like.

It’s not a cracker.

It’s not a crisp.

It’s the lovechild of a crisp and a cracker.

With this in mind, we set about developing a backstory for TUC Craks, imagining how this unique snack came to be.

Before the TV ad hit the airwaves, we launched the Snacklove microsite. The site featured webisodes that exposed the torrid love affair between Crispina, a snack from a well-to-do background, and Mr TUC, a cracker from the wrong side of the tracks. You can check out the webisodes here, and catch up with Crispina and Mr TUC on Facebook here.

Now that the webisodes have reached their emotional finale, along comes the TV ad – this is airing on all major national stations, as well as in cinemas.

Hope you enjoy the TUC Craks story, and be sure to grab yourself a bag of this unique snack – they’re deadly!

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