As you’ll see on our shiny new site, we’ve catalogued the best of our print work over on Flickr. And in in doing so, we noticed something very interesting. When you first upload a shot to Flickr, it appears briefly on the home page, fleetingly hitting the eyeballs of Flickr users worldwide.

There are around 3,000 photos uploaded every minute of every day on Flickr, and you can see the very latest here in realtime. So, which of our ads got the most attention? The ones with the most witty headline? The biggest logo?

Perhaps the ad with the most beautiful photography? Well, no. While most of our uploads garnered little or no attention from the photographic community, this shot received over 50 views within seconds of posting. Surprising?

Perhaps not. As we all know, us humans tend to be base creatures at times, and put us in front of a computer and we cerebrally regress back into the primordial soup. There was an experiment conducted by a Flickr user where the same image – a nondescript landscape shot – was uploaded twice.

Shot One was tagged accurately (trees, grass, landscape, sky), and Shot Two more provocatively (sex, porn, women, nude). Shot One received views in the single figures. Shot Two received in the region of 10,000. Plus about the same number of outraged comments from one-handed-typists, before its eventual removal. So there we have it. Sex sells, but buyer beware.

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