In early November, we were tasked with coming up with something a little different for Crown Paints Christmas card. We wanted to create something unusual. Something that showed their passion for colour, and something that would help showcase their shiny new website long after Santa had been and gone. So, after a lot of planning, we spent a Sunday with 3,072 colour chips in 36 colours from the current Crown range, and got to work. After 8 hours of gluing, photographing and filming, plus a few more hours editing some 1,500 shots from 5 different cameras, we were finished. Here’s the result – enjoy.


You can see some behind the scenes images here.

UPDATE: We are pretty pleased with ourselves. We set an internal goal of 10,000 views for this video. Yesterday morning it broke 30,000. Now we’re getting greedy and want 50,000 views. Can you help?

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