We were approached by Fujifilm to develop (and that’s the last photography pun, promise) a 2 week press campaign that encourages people to print their photos at the new-and-improved fujipix.ie.

And this got us thinking. We all take more pictures, on more devices, more often than ever before. So what’s stopping us from printing them? Sure, you can share your snaps on Facebook and store thousands on a laptop, but really – does anything beat delving into that big tatty box of photos at family get togethers?

What’s better – a special moment that’s captured, printed, framed, and displayed above the mantlepiece, or a file called IMG00765.jpg that you think is probably saved in your documents folder… somewhere? No, we quickly concluded that printing your photos is still as great as ever. So why don’t we do it anymore? The answer is simple.


Printing your snaps is one of those jobs that you’ll do ‘one of these days’. But, like clearing out the shed or reading War and Peace, it’s something you just never get around to. The shed’s still a kip, Tolstoy’s unbothered, and your precious photos remain unprinted.

So, that was the primary aim of this campaign – to establish the fact that one day it could be too late to move your prized snaps from laptop to picture frame.

But, we’re not talking about smoke alarms here, so our message needed to engage rather than unnerve, to entertain rather than shock. We therefore devised a campaign to run in the Metro Herald that aimed to get people talking, tweeting, blogging, and ultimately dying to see the inevitable reveal.

The campaign unravelled over the course of a week, and you can see the whole thing by clicking on the image below.

During the week, the ad caught the eye of Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy, Newstalk’s Tom Dunne and 2FM’s Rock O’Shea, with each talking about mark’s plight on their shows. Twitter was ablaze with speculation too, with people wondering what will become of Mark once his wife got her hands on him.

The speculation meant that by the time of the reveal, all eyes were on Fuji’s ad and the perils of not printing your photos were clear. And best of all, it only costs a few cents to avoid being like Mark.

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