We were briefed to work on a new TV campaign to coincide with the launch of new Dubliner zip-lock packaging. We needed to tell the story of Dubliner’s distinctive taste, and show off its new look. It was important that the ads appeal to all consumers, and show that Dubliner cheese is for everyday use with a range of tastes to suit all the family.  This led us to the concept of the Dubliner family who live in your fridge.

Our first family members to have a starring role are Mr. Original, Miss Light and Grandad & Granny Vintage. We hope you like them!

You can Mr. Original’s ad above.

Here are the other 2 ads from the campaign. Our favourite is for “Dubliner Cheese Vintage” – we just love Granny Vintage’s singing voice! The final ad is for “Dubliner Cheese Light”.

And finally, here’s a picture of the animators at work. “Fast Show” fans will recognise that the animator is moving the elements just a tiny amount…

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