To follow on from our Lost Laptop campaign, we developed a suite of press ads that communicated the two biggest truths about printing your photos with Fujifilm – printing a photo helps bring a memory to life, and prints cost less than you think.

We wanted a campaign that spoke about the importance of celebrating precious memories via photo printing, but in a way that didn’t lose sight of the price message. The challenge then was to wed sentimentality to hard-nosed retail, and that led us to the creative solution, based around the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words”.

We developed four executions of the core idea, each adapted to address specific moments in life. These were;

A birth of a child

An engagement

A memory of a night on the tiles…

… and St. Partick’s Day.

While the retail message was immediate, readers were rewarded if they took a little time to engage with the story behind each image. Indeed, to help facilitate this we selected media that enjoyed a higher-than-average dwell time, including commuter press (Metro Herald) and weekend supplements (Sunday Independent ‘Life’, Sunday Business Post ‘Agenda’, Sunday Tribune ‘T2’ and the Irish Daily Mail’s ‘You’ magazine).

So far so good, but we think this is an idea with legs. Watch this space for future installments of Fujifilm’s 1,000 words.

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