…Wexford, Cork and Limerick. Oh, and Galway.

If you’ve braved the unseasonably cold, wet streets of Ireland this week, you may have seen our latest outdoor campaign for Fujipix.ie. It appeared on DART cards in Dublin, and on 48 Sheets and 6 Sheets throughout the country. Here’s the 48 Sheet.

For this campaign, we used credible imagery that was less ‘glamourous photoshoot’ and more ‘family gathering’,  and communicated the call-to-action using an interruptive sticker device. According to Gestalt theory, the human brain needs to see the face in order to ‘resolve’ an image of another person. So, by obscuring the face with our core message, we’d theoretically get more people to dwell on our call-to-action than we would if we used a more conventional layout. OK, so we’re hardly talking CERN levels of science here, but every little helps!

All we need now is for the sun to come out, so we can all take some pictures worth printing….

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