Damian had fried kidneys for breakfast. Rob looks resplendent in his boater and Niamh and Yvonne are wandering around with parasols and baskets of flowers. Meanwhile Dee  and David  are quaffing a bottle of burgundy  1982 while discussing the finer points of the Cyclops chapter and the cryptic messages for Enda Kenny’s government contained therein.

Yes it’s Bloomsday here at Bloom towers. And to celebrate we commissioned exciting ,new,up and coming photographer Richard Gilligan to create  this year’s Bloom Bloomsday picture. You see it’s not just our business name that has obvious Joycean connections, our office has a link too. The Black Church is mentioned briefly in the novel Ulysses, in the chapter entitled Oxen of the Sun, as the location of one of Bello’s many sins: “He went through a form of clandestine marriage with at least one woman in the shadow of the Black Church.”

Every year to commemorate Bloomsday we commission an artist to interpret this excerpt in their own unique way. This year we took a different approach and asked Richard  to interpret the line photographically. This will be the fifth in the series, following Graham Knuttel, Joby Hickey, Paul Kerr and Ludmila Korol .

Happy Bloomsday from all at Bloom.



Bloomsday 2011 by Richard Gilligan


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