Truly integrated campaigns that include advertising, social media, mobile activation, event marketing and promotion are rare so we were thrilled with the opportunity to create such a campaign for our client West Coast Cooler. Enter The Thursday Club, a series of events aimed squarely at our target audience and reflecting our core values of anticipation and female fabulousness!The campaign featured event marketing, TV, press, radio, online display and POS design but digital engagement was at the core and we utilised a breakthrough innovation in mobile vouchering and Facebook integration to create a ‘viral’ effect cheap cialis overnight delivery. Not only were our West Coast Cooler girls thrilled by their new Thursday style fix, the bars were equally happy to see their seats filled with gangs of girls having a good time – which is a great win for IDL-PR Channel Sales team. We also expanded our social media network by over 5000 fans and created a platform for ongoing engagement with our audience. Check out the work below:


West Coast Cooler Spread Metro Herald

Thursday Club Facebook App Voucher Generation

Thursday Club Smart Phone App Screens

Thursday Club Status Update Automatically Triggered By Voucher Redemption


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