It’s Bloomsday on Saturday. Every year we commission an Irish artist to interpret the passage in Ulysses that mentions The Black Church – where we have our offices.* This year Dublin hipster artist, Will St. Leger, gives us his unique and somewhat “bawdy” version (Joycean scholars will be proud!) We hope you enjoy it. Happy Bloomsday from us.

Bloomsday 2012 Print by Wil St. Leger

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  • Mark says:

    This is fantastic.

    Can you buy prints or is this a one-off for you guys?!


    • david says:

      Hi Mark. Glad you like it. We’re very happy with it too. Yes this is a one-off for us. And yes we have a few left over so we would be happy to sell you one. Limited edition and signed by the artist. Send me an email at David at bloom dot ie and we can make a deal.

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