We recently started working with Nicofresh, and Irish manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids.
As e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to traditional smoking you could say that they take the taboo out of smoking.
We ran with this idea for our launch campaign, as you can see in the 48 Sheet below, which has just gone live in Belfast.

The campaign has launched with this execution. Watch this space for the next executions coming soon.

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  • Naomi says:


    I saw your campaign in Belfast today and i have to say I found it racist. The idea that an inter-racial couple is STILL seen as a taboo is outrageous. Furthermore linking inter-racial couples with the whole older women being under men, ‘toy boy”, massive age gap in couples is ridiculous.

    Inter-racial couples are not a “taboo” and I cannot believe a campaign in 2014 would suggest such a thing.
    Please consider this before you launch this campaign any further. It is ignorant and idiotic.


    • Bloom says:

      Hi Naomi,

      Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry you didn’t like the ad.

      As you say “Inter-racial couples are not a “taboo”” – that’s our point exactly.

      Neither is large age gap in relationships and neither is vaping.

  • Debbie says:

    I am sorry, but I agree with Naomi. Maybe this is not the message you meant to send but this is the message that comes across. This is a racist advert. The inference that I picked up the first time I saw it was that since the lady is no longer smoking real cigarette she can engage in another social “taboo”. Unfortunately in our society ideas like this do still exist and I feel your advertising only re-enforces this racist thinking. Also, even if this advertising is understood the way you want it to be understood “inter-racial couples are not a ‘taboo'” you are minimizing the evil of racism to equal with that of smoking. Racism is far more serious than this. Are you aware that parts of Belfast have had some of the highest rates of race hate crime in all of the UK. Please reconsider or think more carefully about the message that can come across.

  • Susan Arjdal says:

    I am an oldish Caucasian female and my partner is a younger black male. Can you guess how I feel when driving past your offensive billboard. Each time I see it for some reason it angers me more. The sooner this board is removed the sooner my happiness will be restored. Is this 2014 or 1954?

  • Lizzie says:

    I recently saw this advert in Belfast and I find it offensive. The concept behind the whole campaign is unacceptable, the idea that associating an inter-racial couple with an e-cigarette is incredibly demeaning, an assumes that the people viewing the billboard will see the couple as a taboo. This feeds a greater prejudice. The image used also feeds a stereotypical view of the older woman -toy boy scenario.

    This whole campaign should be reconsidered and thought through. The fact that, in 2014, it has managed to appear on billboards around Belfast is worrying.

  • Bloom says:

    Hi all,

    thank you for your comments. Sorry to hear that you found the campaign offensive.

    As we said above, we’re not suggesting that there is anything taboo about inter-racial relationships. In fact, we’re saying the exact opposite.

    There is nothing taboo about it at all, just like there is nothing taboo about e-cigarettes.

  • Nicole says:

    Hi there, well in my opinion in democracy everything is allowed as long as not affecting others. Also adverts are meant to be supporting selling so they have to get the attention somehow. I actually found that advert more sexual then racist and about sexuality it’s everyone’s own business who with. My conclusion is some people need to relax a bit and get along with them life first.

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