Our new online video campaign for the Labour Party has gone live this week. In a new approach to political advertising the campaign does not feature any politicians or campaign promises but instead captures three slices of life from the improving economy.

This new video campaign demonstrates how things are starting to get better for the country and the economy and links The Labour Party to that improvement. It does so in a subtle way, using a series of short ‘slice-of-life’ videos that show how are things are getting better for a small business, for a job-seeker, and for a family.

This campaign will be rolled-out over the next six weeks on facebook and Youtube and consists of three 30 second videos. Each one tells a little story. The first of these videos entitled “better for business” features a new coffee shop and went live this week. The other two videos feature a young woman getting ready for her first day at work and a young family starting a small extension on their house.

In a new approach to political communications we wanted to reflect the impact this improvement is having on everyday lives, rather than talk about it. Show, don’t tell. It’s one of the oldest rules of communications.

Political parties are limited in terms of their advertising options. We believe that this shift from traditional print advertising to online format is significant in terms of how Irish political parties are transitioning towards new media.

The videos were developed by our creative team Michael Walsh and Gerry Kennedy. They were directed by Daniel Hegarty of Marmalade Films.

We have been working with the Labour Party since 2006.



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