Welcome to our very first challenger of the month blog post. The idea behind it is very simple. Over the last few years we have found ourselves having the following conversation with many of our  clients, colleagues and friends: “Have you seen that great new ad for cheese from Argentina?  The one with the monkey?” To which they would generally reply “No, I haven’t seen it yet. Can you send me a link?”

So we thought we might take this conversation on to the next step and formalise the process (a little).  And so every month we are taking a liberty and sending you (a select group) links to three challenger campaigns from around the world that we most admire. This is work that has caught our attention from challenger brands or challenger campaigns from around the world. Work that has a certain attitude. Campaigns that manage to outwit rather than outspend their competitors and by doing so,  manages to attract a lot more attention to itself. We will try to avoid sending work that you might have seen in this market already. Or work from big brands with big budgets featuring celebrities. Instead we are more interested in the brands or campaigns who have none of this and still managed to make an impact.

So the next time we ask you about the Argentinian cheese eating monkey, you will have no excuse.

First up is the mighty Saltwater Brewery from Delray Beach, Florida. A local craft brewery, they managed to outwit their competition by innovating with their packaging.


Next up is a campaign from Canada that is both simple and arresting. Text and Drive is a road safety campaign unlike any other. They even followed it through with a funeral home website    http://wathanfuneral.com


Finally from Turkey comes Gay Turtle. A real challenger idea that demonstrates homophobia in a simple way.

OK one last campaign. This one is for a recruitment agency in Argentina.


Until next month.

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