We had a great response to our first ever Challenger of the Month email. Thanks for all the feedback.

June is a bumper month for advertising internationally as the Cannes Lions festival is held in the south of France. For those of you who don’t know about Cannes Lions, it is kind of like the Oscars for advertising. It is the world’s top advertising competition and so every June we get to see the best work from around the world. So this month we are spoiled for choice and have a bumper edition.

But before we get to Cannes we have two spots that debuted this month that caught our attention.  First up is an spot from the UK for Ducosol – a constipation relief solution for babies. Normally an ad for baby products  approaches the problem from the parents point of view and show scenes of mothers hugging their smiling babies.  Ducosol however  approached the from the nappies point of view with this catchy spot called “Make a nappy happy”. We defy you not to sing along.

Our other June debutant is from Argentina. This spot is an ingenious activation that Banco Santa Fe did to raise awareness for Alzheimers day. What we like about this idea is that it demonstrates what Alzheimers feels like and used an owned media – namely the bank’s own network of ATM machines. It also raised funds for the local alzheimer charity. It is a great example of how business and charity can work together. And best of all it was all done with no media budget.


And so to our selection from Cannes.

This first campaign really caught our attention. It is for Krylon, a brand of spray paint from the USA.  Like all great challenger campaigns the agency noticed that the spray paint category was speaking with one voice. This gave them the starting point from which to develop the campaign.  This  idea not only challenges the way paint is sold but gave consumers  a whole new reason to buy it and a way to make money from buying it. What’s not to like here? Plus it uses a social media platform in a real and engaging way and  generated money for charity. Hats off to Krylon and Sherwin Williams the client and to Deutsch their agency.


This next campaign is for a brand of underwear from Australia called Bonds. Again this is a category that was speaking with one voice. You can just picture it . Stylish photographs of fit looking male models posing in their underwear. And from what I can see, a lot of Bonds previous campaigns featured stylish photographs of fit looking models posing in their underwear. This gave them the opportunity to challenge not just the category but also their own legacy. As you will see no models were harmed in the making of this campaign. Needless to say it attracted huge attention and along with two other spots became a social media sensation. And it looks like it was cheap as chips to produce.

Here are the boys

One thing we love about challenger brands is that they are prepared to go against the mainstream. When everyone else is zigging they zag.  REI an outdoor retailer from the USA did just that with this next campaign called #optoutside. Not only did they generate a mountain of coverage on both traditional and social media they also started a movement. Have a look. This link is restricted but I highly recommend clicking through to Watch on Youtube. This campaign deservedly won the Grand Jury prize at Cannes.



And finally another  Grand Jury prize winner from Cannes. This time for Harvey Nichols in the UK to promote their customer loyalty scheme. When you  think about fashion retail loyalty schemes you picture models posing in fashionable clothes and smart happy people leading exciting lifestyles because they are members of the loyalty scheme.  You don’t picture this.

We look forward to your feedback. If you know anyone who should be included in this mailer please let us know.


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