Catch Chocolate


TV, Digital and OOH.


Catch is a big bar with a bigger history. First produced in Ireland in 1976, it first hit the shelves with a TV ad and ‘catchy’ jingle. Its fame matched the meteoric levels of John Paul II’s gig in Phoenix Park, which didn’t happen for another three years. The problem is, people who are too young to remember the pomp made for the Pontiff, don’t know Catch. Sales remained dependent on a demographic that, just like at Francis’ gig, don’t show up in the same numbers. 


The major chocolate brands are in a constant battle for shelf supremacy. We decided to try win the war instead. How do we do that? By rearming Catch with two loveable characters who perfectly personify what the bar is all about; simplicity. This campaign will catch (sorry) the ever decreasing attention of millennials and gen z by rising above the gluten free, sugar free, fat free marketing that has made the simple pleasure of eating a chocolate bar ‘fun free’.

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