Catch Chocolate


Activation and Social.

The Challenge

Bring Catch to a new generation.

The Campaign

Talk about ‘’Catch’’ immediately people start singing ‘’catch it if you can…’’. The ad with the catchy song is still stuck in the heads of those growing up in 70’s Ireland. So in 2019 how do we get the delicious taste of Catch stuck in this generations head? By sticking one in their hands.
We pimped up a vintage VW van, filled with about oh… 20 thousand Catch bars and drove everywhere between Malin and Mizen.
At each stop we unpacked fun, games, competitions, spot prizes and of course… tonnes of crispy creamy Catch bars. People of all ages either fell in… or back in… love with Catch.
The activation gained such popularity on social media, we used polls to give fans of facebook and instagram the chance to decide where we should go next on the tour.
We came. We saw. We conquered.

Catch Tour Van

Catch Tour Van
Catch Tour Van Design

Catch Tour


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