Just Eat and Leinster Rugby


Sponsorship, Digital and Social.

The Ask

Just Eat wanted to find an engaging way to promote their partnership with Leinster Rugby – something more impactful than plastering the phrase ‘proud sponsor’ on a billboard.  So, with a tiny 90 minute window to create material that would resonate with Leinster fans, and that would support Just Eat’s premium restaurant partnership, we set to work.

What we Did?

We took 3 competitive Leinster Rugby stars and paired them with 3 top Irish restaurants, before inviting the rugby trio to a culinary throwdown. We added Joanne McNally to the mix, just to keep the guys on their toes!  They each created 3 separate dishes that the public could order from the Just Eat app which also acted as a voting system to decide what meal would be crowned ‘Leinster’s Next Big Dish’. The result was a series of videos that celebrated Just Eat’s sponsorship in a way that was relevant to our audience, and a deliciously engaging competition that really hit the spot.

Leinster’s Next Big Dish

The Leinster Nutritionist Verdict

15 Second Social Teaser

15 Second Social Teaser

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