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We all remember the brilliant Cool Runnings story – and enjoyed the movie. But as it turns out, we have our very own Cool Runnings story in Ireland. It’s the story of Brendan Doyle who competes in the skeleton at winter games around the world, who dreams of competing for his country in the Olympic Games. Who damn near qualified – twice. It’s not just a great sports story, it’s a life affirming one. In association with Platin Casino, we are thrilled to sponsor Brendan and delighted to be bringing his story to a wider audience. Here are some of his tales below.

Each of the below videos ran across multiple platforms as paid social and organic posts and advertorials across media partner sites in Ireland bringing the story of a future Irish Winter Olympian to a huge audience all due to Platin’s sponsorship and the content created to tell Brendan’s story.

The Brendan Doyle Story

Introducing The Sliding Irish

In competition – Lake Placid

How fast do you go?

How Platin Casino helped?

How did you get here?

How did you get started in Skeleton?

Diet and Training?

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