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Question: How does an Irish challenger brand raise awareness in the competitive UK FMCG market?

Answer: By taking a giant size Chocolate box on tour to shopping centres from London to Newcastle and inviting British women to share a chocolate and share a thought.

What happened

To date we made a huge impact at the locations we visited and created an online campaign with content that has reached over 6 million people so far.


Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate is a great Irish success story. Founded in 1992 in Newbridge, County Kildare by Senator Mary Ann O’Brien, they are available across the UK in most major multiples. However they face tough competition from major international brands with bigger budgets and have a low awareness amongst shoppers.

We were tasked with increasing unprompted awareness on a  tight budget – a tiny fraction of what competitors in the UK would spend.


To tackle this challenge we developed the Chocolate Box and took it on tour to shopping centres across the UK.

The Chocolate Box is  giant sized Lily O’Brien’s chocolate box on the outside with a mini video studio on the inside – kind of like the diary room from Big Brother. Female shoppers are invited to share some chocolates while answering questions such as “Is chocolate better than sex?”, “Why don’t more women ask men out?” and “Who is your weird celebrity crush?”. The interviews are recorded and the best answers are edited together to create a series of online videos.

This original content was then pushed out on Video On Demand channels aimed specifically at our audience using Accuen targeting.

The Chocolate box also created a great sampling opportunity.


To date the Lily O’Briens Chocolate Box has toured to Liverpool, London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle and has clocked up over 6 million  views with over 2.6 million people seeing  the online videos” Further dates will take in Birmingham and Essex.

The budget for the entire campaign is €300,000. It started in August and will run until Christmas.

“The cost of above the line advertising in the UK market can be prohibitive. So we needed to think differently. The Chocolate Box give us two big opportunities to interact with our target market – the women of Britain ” says Suzanne Walsh, Marketing Manager at Lily O’Briens. “Firstly the box itself gives us a great sampling opportunity in many of the UK’s top shopping centres such as Westfield in London, Trafford Centre in Mancheseter and Liverpool One. And secondly the videos give us great content for our online campaign”

“Because we have a presence in both the Irish and UK markets we were able to deliver this campaign more cost effectively” says Damian Penco, Account Director at Bloom UK “and help an Irish brand like Lily O’Briens target its market more accurately in the UK. Working with our media partners OMD we can talk to our target market through programmatic buying in ways that would not have been possible 2 years ago. This opens big possibilities for Irish brands trying to build awareness and market share in the UK”